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We need you! Each year, donors like you help hundreds of community members of all ages transform their lives at UMCH. This is what we’ve been about since 1902. And over these last 100+ years, we’ve learned that clients transforming their lives isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning. As UMCH clients gain access to the support they need, they’re better able to support the people around them: their children, their families, and their neighbors.

It creates a ripple effect that builds a stronger, healthier, more resilient community for everyone. And that all starts with your giving—with you.

Right now, hundreds more UMCH clients are beginning their own stories of transformation. Will you join us and make the gift today that brings their story to life?

How To Donate:

The best way to donate is always the way that feels right to you! Here are a few options for making your gift to UMCH. No matter how you give, we are grateful for you!

Increasing the ability of children, youth, adults, and families
to succeed in a diverse community.

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