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As an employee with the UMCH, you will not:
1) Participate in sexual activity with any minor program participant whether consensual or non‐consensual.
2) Strike or otherwise physically restrain or restrict the movement of program participants unless essential for their safety and protection. You will notify your supervisor in the latter case.
3) Release any confidential information without permission to do so.
4) Provide program participants with any forms of drugs, legal or illegal, unless authorized to do so.
5) Misrepresent your credentials and provide services that you are not qualified or authorized to provide.
7) Be alone with a single child in an isolated situation where you cannot be observed by other staff and children. The only exception to this would be toileting or medical emergencies, in which case another staff
person should be notified.

Violations of the above will result in an immediate suspension. Should the allegations be substantiated, permanent removal from the volunteer program will result. Should your behavior be illegal, proper authorities will be notified.

It is the policy of the United Methodist Community House to expressly forbid any forms of harassment. The term "harassment" includes, but is not limited to: slurs, jokes, or other verbal, graphic, or physical conduct which relates to an individual's race, color, sex, religion, nation origin, citizenship, age, or handicap. Harassment also includes unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, unwelcome or offensive touching, or other verbal, graphic, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Employees who feel they are being harassed in any way by an employee, member, vendor, or volunteer should inform their immediate supervisor or the CEO. It is the individual's responsibility to bring such concerns to the proper person. Any and all concerns will be handled immediately and kept confidential.

I give my permission to the United Methodist Community House to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs, film footage, or tape recordings which may include my image or voice for purposes of promoting the organization and its programs.

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