Student Illness Isolation Policy

This Page will cover:

  • Student Illness Isolation Policys
  • Program Space and Social Distancing
  • Ensuring Hygiene
  • PPE and safety equipment
Student Illness Isolation Policy

The following is intended to outline how UMCH will respond to possible or confirmed cases of COVID-19.For the protection of everyone involved, UMCH will take the following measures to isolate and limit contamination:

  • UMCH will immediately remove from the classroom and send home anyone who become symptomatic during the program day.
  • UMCH will isolate students who become ill, but can’t leave immediately.
    • Students will be sent to the established nursing lounge. The lounge has been stocked with:
      • Disinfectant
      • Water proof pillows for quick disinfecting
      • Changeable sheets and pillow cases
      • Access to water/ice chips
    • A staff member will remain with the student at all times, until someone arrives to retrieve the child. Please see Parent Pandemic Policy for details.

UMCH will practice social distancing, as developmentally appropriate.

UMCH is using a phased approach to resuming programs. UMCH will increase social distance by reducing the number of students and staff per classroom. This will require additional program space. With preschool (3 and 4 year-old programs) on summer break, the infants and toddlers can spread out, throughout the remainder of the summer. UMCH anticipates a return to face-to-face learning in the fall. 

The following categories of activities have been identified for social distancing incorporation. UMCH believes this will ensure the highest level of safety for all.

Arrivals and Departures

  • Families will be asked to limit facility entry to one family at a time in the health screening station. Markers will be placed on the sidewalk to indicate 6-foot distance between those waiting in line for entry. Families should anticipate slower entry and arrive a little earlier than normal.
  • Families must identify one consistent person to drop off and/or pick up.
  • Only one accompanying adult will be permitted to enter the facility for drop off and pick up.


  • Meal seating arrangements will be spread out to increase child distance. High-chair seating will be placed 6 ft apart.
  • Congregate, family style service will be suspended and individual plates will be prepared.


UMCH has modified or suspended the use of the following items/activities;

  • Sensory bins – students will receive individual materials and tools for sensory learning activities.
  • Congregate arts and crafts – Students will work from personalized bins.
  • Congregate table activities – Students will be arranged in the same format as meals.
  • Circle time and large groups – students will engage in large-group, coordinated activities, while reaming in small groups, limited to four 4 students
  • Gym and Outdoor Play – Program space use will be staggered, allowing only one class at a time in the gym or on the playground.
  • General activities – As many activities as possible will be planned for outside.

Persons in Program Spaces

  • All outside guests and volunteers will be restricted from entering program areas, including parents/caregivers. No one, but necessary personnel will be permitted past the lobby security doors.
  • The staffing of teachers will be structured to limit the number of individuals, students in a classroom come in contact with. Teachers will not be permitted to visit other classrooms.

UMCH will ensure hygiene (in addition to regular cleaning/disinfecting)

In addition to routine cleaning procedures, UMCH will modify our activities to include the following measures:

  • Increased disinfecting and cleaning of spaces, surfaces and toys/items (e.g., offices, playrooms, cribs, bedding, bathrooms, and common play areas) throughout the day, focusing on frequently touched surfaces.
  • Temporarily revoked the use of toys that cannot be cleaned safely, i.e. cloth-based items.
  • Remove group-play items (i.e. balls, building blocks, etc.), issue them only for individual use and perform sanitization between each student.
  • Will change both children’s and teacher’s clothing when contaminated with secretions.
  • Increase the number of hand sanitizer units throughout the facility.
  • Use hospital-grade disinfecting equipment and supplies to keep program areas sterile.
  • Engage in weekly disinfecting measures on a daily basis.
  • Scrub all program area rugs in Infant rooms weekly.
  • Limit personal belongings introduced to the Center and program spaces.

UMCH will use safety equipment (including PPE, when appropriate).

All UMCH employees will be required to engage in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), during times in which an infectious disease becomes a threat to the Center or there is a national/local health pandemic issued.