Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Board Officers

John Golaszewski—President
Jay Garth—Vice President
Phillip Greene—Treasurer
Kevin Vazquez—Secretary

Board Members

Kurt Kimball
Brian Pangle
Kevin Schrock
Jonathan Siebers

Ex Officio Members

Linda Burton-Collier
Julia Paradine-Rice

Leadership Team

Carla Moore

Co-Chief Executive Officer
(616) 452-3226 x.3015

Eric Williams

Co-Chief Executive Officer
(616) 452-3226 x.3061

Shalyn Anderson-Garner

Accounting Assistant
(616) 452-3226 x.3013

Monique Davis

Director of Food Programs
(616) 256-8260

Jeremy Gifford

Facilities Manager
(616) 452-3226 x.3062

Marcus Jordan

Executive Assistant
(616) 452-3226 x.3061

Dwayne Moore

Director of Youth Programs
(616) 452-3226 x.3048

Tiffany Pearson

Director of Adult Programs
(616) 452-3226 x.3049

Marie Rittenberry

UMC Global Mission Fellow
(616) 452-3226

Marcy Steenstra

Child Development Center Director
(616) 452-3226 x.3007

Latasha Wallace

Director of Human Resources
(616) 452-3226 x.3036

Increasing the ability of children, youth, adults, and families
to succeed in a diverse community.

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