We are advocating for Michigan State University’s support efforts towards their College of Human Medicine Coronavirus Testing Fund.
The MSU Team recently developed a more sensitive and more accurate test for the novel coronavirus. This initiative has the potential to test thousands of individuals. For these new testing capabilities to track the spread of COVID-19 throughout Michigan they need your help to continue! 
Your support towards the MSU Team will bring further testing to our communities and protect them from COVID-19.
If you can provide any support, GIVE NOW and help take a stand against the pandemic’s spread! 


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United Methodist Community House (UMCH) is located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn more about UMCH: our mission, our leadership, our history and our funding.
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Our programs are divided into three focus areas: children, youth, and seniors.
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If community service is important to you, then let’s talk. UMCH allows you to give back to your community and have a career.
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UMCH is totally dependent upon the support of funders of all types – individuals, businesses, foundations, and minimal program fees.
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Stay in touch by getting our e-news or connecting via social media. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the great work we are doing in our community.
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We make it easy to help you make a difference in our community. Online donations are the most convenient way for you to help. Thank you!